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The LEAN Process

The 10 Stages in the “LEAN” process create flow and sustainability. This ensures that each repair runs efficiently, minimizing the opportunity for blind spots and errors.

A systematic approach like this not only allows us to consistently provide complete and accurate repairs, but also facilitates an outstanding customer experience. Our customers are updated via phone call, text message or email on their car’s repair progress so they are always in the loop on what’s going on with their vehicle.


1. Write an estimate.

One of our helpful estimators assesses the visible damage to your car. This can be done in person at our shop, or through our EZ Estimate Tool on your smartphone.

6. Prime and Prep

During this step, we prepare your vehicle to be painted. At Crash Repair Center, we utilize the latest and greatest in computer technology for the best color match and cleanest finish, guaranteed.

2. Schedule a Repair

We set up a drop off date and time, and notify your insurance company.

7. Paint

Painting cars is an art, and we believe that a proper factory finish is only accomplished with current training, state-of-the-art equipment, and an extraordinary attention to detail

3. Wash and Scan

We pre-wash your car to document all visible damage and ensure the cleanest repair, as well as scan your vehicle for any trouble codes and faults. If there is any possibility of frame damage, we also measure your vehicle to ensure it is structurally sound.

8. Buffing panels

At this stage, we buff all of our painted panels to gain the highest quality of refinish. We have skilled technicians who produce showroom finishes. We are known to buff a scratch on your car that isn’t related to your repair for FREE!

4. Disassembly

We remove any broken and damaged parts, as well as any surrounding areas that must be disassembled to complete the repair or that could be hiding additional damage. A second estimator, a parts expeditor, production manager, and a technician evaluate the repair order to complete the Repair Plan.

9. Reassembly

In this second to the last step, we simply put your vehicle back together. We are able to flawlessly reassemble your car by following our detailed Repair Plan.

5. Body

During the body stage, we repair and replace damaged panels and parts. Our auto body technicians our highly qualified in panel repairs, major body panel replacement, and frame pulls. They posses the the most prestigious manufacturer training to ensure your car is repaired according to factory standards.

10. Quality Check & Detail

We not only inspect all the repairs for imperfections, but also scan your vehicle to make sure any trouble codes or faults are cleared before it leaves our shop. The detail process is like a spa treatment for your vehicle! Our detail team takes pride in ensuring your vehicle looks new when you pick it up.

What Our Client Say

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